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        WT Custom Designs (aka Worn Turquoise) is husband and wife team! Although we couldn’t do it alone and appreciate all the family, friends and additional help that we get from everyone!

        Our little business started as a fluke. I have always enjoyed crafting just about anything. I even owned a scrapbook store in Tennessee for several years until Jeff moved us to Ohio. Those first 6 years or so after our move I became the typical stay at home mom volunteering at the school and driving the kids to practices and games. Once they hit middle school I decided to go back to work. I worked in the medical field for a large urology company and then for a surgical group scheduling surgeries. When our youngest son Colin was entering his senior year, I knew I wanted to be home to do all the senior things one last time, I mean he was the baby and it was my last change to enjoy all these things. I thought that he would need me more during his senior year and that we would get to spend all this quality time together before he left the nest. Who was I kidding? I quickly realized that I was going to be bored. Jeff being the sweet guy his is, started looking into things that I could do to fill that space. A few weeks later he bought me my first laser.

        Within the first month (with just posting to my family and friends) we quickly paid off the cost of the machine. It didn’t take long for it to grow into a full job for myself! How did Jeff end up joining me? Well, he had been helping me on nights and weekends to fill orders but then in June of 2018 he was laid off from his job. This happened just two weeks before we moved into our new space in Gahanna.

        Jeff has always been into wood working. The first major project he completed  was a large grandfather clock back in high school.  His favorite class was always workshop and this is where he learned to love all things wood! He also has a love for working with hands and has been building ever since he was little.

        My creativity combined with his building skills gives us the opportunity to bring you some unique items including furniture, gifts and home decor items.